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At Firestone Charter Academy, we believe your child can truly thrive — academically, socially, and personally.
Don’t just take our word for it. Read testimonials from current parents, students, and alumni about what makes Firestone Charter Academy such a special place.
"Amazing teachers, truly care for students. The atmosphere at this school feels like a big family. Having parents highly involved helps teachers teach effectively knowing each kid's needs." - Firestone Charter parent
"We love all of our teachers working so hard to make things happen for our kiddos!!!! - Melissa L., Firestone Charter parent
Firestone Charter Academy's "2nd grade team and preschool team are knocking it out of the park. Thanks for everyone's hard work and dedication to our students and families. You are so very appreciated!" - Jennifer D., Firestone Charter parent
"I am beyond impressed with what our 1st grade teachers have put together for lessons, and I'm grateful for our Charter school! I'm grateful our teachers have the flexibility to teach *what* they want, *how* they want to teach it.
Thank you! - Morgan N., Firestone Charter parent
"Wow. Teachers put in some WORK this break! Thank you! Online schooling is going so smoothly for us today. Woot woot!" - Kathryn L., Firestone Charter parent
"Learning Latin at our school helped me while taking the ACT test and in all my science classes, the words they use are Latin root words." - former Firestone Charter student
"These teachers work hard to reach every kid in any way they can. There is an entire intervention team to help the teachers with ideas for kids that don't seem to be responding to teaching. Some are better than others, the 5th grade team are wizards, and are able to get more out of my son than any other teacher ever has. I think they are all great." - Firestone Charter 5th grade parent
"I’m absolutely loving the first grade online learning and so is my 1st grader!!!!!!!" - Hannah H., Firestone Charter parent
"I give a big thumbs up and air hugs to the 1st grade teachers!!" - Heather D., Firestone Charter parent
"My kids are in preschool, 1st, and 3rd, and they eased into this online learning without any issues!! I'm thankful also because this allows my husband and I to get our work done (since we are both working from home) during the day since the teachers put in place a system that makes the kids self-sufficient." - Kristine R., Firestone Charter parent
"Huge shoutout to Ms.Ross in first grade. She has been super informative and responded to our email followed by a Zoom call to get our questions answered and make sure we are feeling good about all this online learning.  This isn’t easy for some and I know the teachers and staff are doing their absolute best to support us and make sure we are comfortable in this new way of learning 🥰 we will get through this (Firestone Charter) peeps. If you’re struggling with something or not sure about something I recommend emailing your kids teacher. You will feel so much better after you get things figured out. - Karly H., Firestone Charter parent
"Give a BIG shout out to our VIP heroes! Our teachers, staff and newly assigned parent home-school experts!!! Show some love to all the people helping to maintain some normalcy and keeping kids engaged!" - Firestone Volunteer Association
"Yes, the teachers are so amazing! We LOVE our school!" - Kate H., Firestone Charter parent
"Dear Parents, I don’t know about you but this last week was a week of tears for me. As a mom with 4 boys at home, I cried a whole lot trying to get all the amazing things their teachers sent for them accomplished. I KNOW how exhausted you are! As your student’s music teacher, I cried a whole different set of tears. These were tears of joy! The pictures you sent of your kiddos doing their music assignments and all the hard work the older students did on their Google classrooms blew me away. This truly is an incredible community. Stay encouraged parents and thank you for all the hard work you and your kids did this week! -Mrs. Quillen, Firestone Charter parent and music/band teacher
"Kudos to ALL of you amazing teachers for being so flexible and making this super easy on us parents! I know Max looks forward to his lessons every day which makes this so much easier." - Helen K., Firestone Charter parent
"Your dedication to the students' learning is greatly appreciated." - Kathy D., Firestone Charter parent
"So thankful for our Partner Teachers!" - Mari L., Firestone Charter parent
"This is the only school I have seen Core Virtues included in the curriculum. Each month, a new virtue is spotlighted and weaved into learning. Not only are they preparing kids academically, but preparing them for "real life". It is done is such a way the kids want to be the best!" - Firestone Charter parent

“In line with the school's mission, to positively shape the hearts and minds of our students…a safe environment...and community in which to build trusting relationships with others, the teachers as well as other staff members, made all the difference in the world to our daughter! She loves school and has thrived over the years here!” - Firestone Charter parent