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4th Grade Art: nxffctu

3rd Grade Art: yijiluz

2nd Grade Art: jovgszk

1st Grade Art: 45h3m7q

Kindergarten Art: 5n7vqnn


         J A N U A R Y  .  .  .

Fourth grade art students are learning about Islamic Art & Architecture and are creating tile designs inspired by the sophisticated geometrical designs found in Islamic architecture.  Third grade artists are learning about Native American art inspired by the people of the Pacific Northwest.  Second graders are looking at and learning about abstract art vs. realistic art.  First grade artists review warm and cool colors and create a cool hands / warm heart oil pastel painting.  Kindergarten artists are creating a colorful snowman painting, as they review the colors of the rainbow.

Fourth grade
Art history/culture ~ Islamic Art & Architecture
project ~ Islamic style tile design (radial symmetry)

Third grade
Art history/culture ~ Native American Art ~ peoples of the Pacific Northwest
project ~ totem pole icon  

Second grade
Art concepts ~ abstract art and realistic art
project ~ self portrait inspired by Paul Klee's Senecio

First grade
Art concept ~ color theory: warm and cool colors
project ~ Cool Hands / Warm Heart oil pastel painting


Art concepts ~ color, shape
project ~ Colorful Snowman painting