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::  Welcome to Art!  :: 

This 2021/22 school year marks my thirteenth at Firestone Charter Academy! 
I love to teach Art, but when I'm not here teaching or working in my classroom, 
I like to travel, especially to spend time with family in France and Little Rock,
and to visit art museums and galleries. I also enjoy landscape design
and gardening at home in Louisville with my cats, Tulip & Symon.
::     ::     ::
For Google Classroom... to log on:  
                password:  fca######  (if with the students ID number)
  • Next click on the 3x3 grid icon in the upper right of the page.
    This brings up a drop-down menu.
  • Click on google classroom, choose the class, and then click
    on the assignment to be done.
        Art Google Classroom access codes

Logic Academy ~  

8th Art History: 3qg66h4

7th Art History: pu3wrzw

6th Art History: a7xhvqk

5th Art History: exaewlq

Art Guild elective: bgpmaey

Book Arts elective: iatw3bp

Grammar Academy ~

4th Grade Art: nxffctu

3rd Grade Art: yijiluz

2nd Grade Art: jovgszk

1st Grade Art: 45h3m7q

Kindergarten Art: 5n7vqnn