Resources & Links

Resources and Links
Splash Learning: Check out math and reading activities here! We work on these in class as well.  Check out the google classroom for login information or email Mrs. Handy! 
RaZKids: Students can access their reading group books and assignments digitally through this platform!  Username and password required- reach out to Mrs. Handy if you are unsure of yours!
Khan Kids: Join our classroom by scanning the QR code in this document.  Unlike the bigger kid version of Khan Academy, this program is an app on a mobile device.  Please email me with any questions!
Check out our Google Classroom for activities we are working on in class!  You will need to login with your student's school email to access this.
First Grade Parent Packet: Please check here for procedures and expectations for the first grade classroom.  Many commonly asked questions can be answered here!
Core Knowledge Sequence: This is what your child will learn throughout his/her education here at Imagine, a Core Knowledge School.
CKLA Skills Readers: We use these in class- you will receive these in print out versions throughout the quarters.  You may need these if your child is absent to complete makeup work.
CKLA Domains: Please check out your student's Google Classroom for updated information on which domain is currently being taught.  You can also find information in the weekly newsletter sent out to families by Mrs. Handy!
Sight Word Practice Lists: Fry Sight Word lists that your child will be assessed on throughout first and second grade at ICSF.  The first grade expectation is that students will be able to read 150 words by the end of the school year.  Your child will be given five new sight words each week to study.  Please check your child's planner weekly for his/her sight words.  Use these lists to practice, if desired. 
Fry Sight Word Practice:  Lists 1-5  Lists 6-10  Lists 11-15  Lists 16-20  Lists 21-24
Puma Pledge: We recite this pledge each morning along with the Pledge of Allegiance.   
Infinite Campus: Please check this weekly for updated information on your child's grades. There is also an app available.
Words Their Way Calendars: Check these out (below) for different activities!