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Home- Quarter 2

I am a lifetime resident of Colorado. I grew up in Arvada and moved to Greeley where I attended the University of Northern Colorado. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Psychology with an emphasis in Elementary Education.  I also completed my Masters of Reading through UNC in 2013.  The 2021/2022 school year will be my 19th year of teaching.  My experience is in charter schools in first through eighth grades.  I currently reside in Greeley with my husband, 7th grade daughter, dog, cats, and bunny.  I enjoy reading, hunting, and spending time with my friends and family.  I am excited to be back for another year of teaching first grade at FCA!
October/November/December Events
10/6 Grammar Awards Assembly
10/15 NO SCHOOL-Professional Development for staff
10/20-10/21 1PM Early Release Parent/Teacher Conferences
10/22-10/25 Fall Break-NO SCHOOL
10/29 Halloween Party
11/3 Grammar Awards Assembly
11/19 1PM Early Release
11/20-11/28 Thanksgiving Break
12/17 1PM Early Release (Three World Religions Party)
12/18-1/2 Winter Break
1/3-NO SCHOOL-Professional Development for staff
Content Matters:
Early World Civilizations:
Students will be able to: define the components of civilizations; describe the geography of Ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt; compare and contrast Ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Egypt; describe the importance of farming, religion, writing, leaders, and cities of the Ancient Mesopotamians and Egyptians.
Students will be able to identify the three states of matter-- solids, liquids, and gases; give examples of the states of matter; and understand how matter can change states.
Students will be able to compare and contrast static and current electricity; create a simple electrical circuit; describe electrical safety rules; and explain the contributions of Thomas Edison to the understanding of electricity today.
Students will be able to solve addition and subtraction using multiple strategies
Students will be able to write opinion and explanatory paragraphs through the writing workshop model using the writing process.