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Units of Study

CKLA Skills Unit 1:    
  Students will be reviewing consonant sounds, one- and two-syllable words and high-frequency Tricky Words. Students will also be assessed on their reading levels, fluency and comprehension skills.
CKLA Domain 1: Fairy Tales and Tall Tales
  Students will be listening to and reading classic fairy tales and tall tales as they review elements of fiction. Students will be able to relate to the problems faced by characters in each of these memorable tales, as well as learn from the lessons in each story. From the tall tales, students will be introduced to the setting of the American frontier and some of the occupations settlers had there.

Numbers to 1,000

  Students will continue to work on number sense and  place value by recognizing, reading and writing numbers to 1,000. Students will also order and compare numbers to 1,000 using <, >, and = signs.

Core Knowledge: Me on the Map
  Students will be reviewing the seven continents and major oceans, as well as reading maps. Students will also be learning more about the geography of the Americas and land forms like coast, valley, prairie, desert, and oasis.
Reading Curriculum Take-Home Sheets