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Core Knowledge/Virtues

  • Core Knowledge: We will read and analyze different poems like "Trees" and "For Want of a Nail" for an oral recitation (What Your Third Grader Needs to Know, p. 11). We will study idioms, like "Last straw" and "Rule the roost" (p. 61).
  • Core Virtue: 
  • Respect & Responsibility
    * Treating others with high regard
    * Doing your part for the groups that make up a whole
    * Sticking to it, even when you would rather give up
    * Persisting
    * Pushing on despite difficulty or hardships
    * Caring well for the gifts given to us, our life, our world, our talents, and those in trusted to our care
    * Helping others with a cheerful heart
    * Doing what is right in the face of fear
    * Moving beyond fear
    * Finding the strength to venture and persevere
    Honesty & Justice
    * Truthfulness, loving the truth, telling the truth, and living truthfully in word and deed
    * Showing compassion to the enemy, the wrongdoer, or those over whom one has power
    Gentleness & Humility
    * Treating others with kind words and a mild manner
    * Knowing that I am not perfect
    * Avoiding the temptation to exaggerate my own abilities and underestimate the ability of others
    Wonder & Wisdom
    * To stop and say "wow"
    * Delight in the beauty and mystery
    * To marvel at mystery, to stand in awe, before the unexplained