It’s hard to believe we are now in second quarter! This week we will begin our first ancient study which is our Judaism and Christianity Unit! With this unit, it is important to keep the following in mind: 


"The Core Knowledge Foundation believes it is important to teach students about the major religions of the world. The Foundation also believes the aim of such instruction must be to inform students about these religions and their impact on the history of the world but not to convert them to, or educate them out of, any particular religion. The goal is always to help students gain an understanding of the basic beliefs of these religions and their historical impact”(Pearson). 
Like all of our units of study, this will be taught in the same way, from a historical perspective. We will be studying key patriarchs of these religions including Abraham, Joseph from the Old Testament, Moses, King David, Esther, Jesus, the Twelve Disciples, and more!
As with each unit of history, the students will complete a series of formative assessments, they will have a final unit exam, and they will complete a significant project at the end of the unit.