English ~

English ~

I am very excited to begin instruction in language arts. We will start with a writing unit that will cover the foundations of essay writing. The students will also start with weekly instruction with grammar, language, and usage!  


In the second week of school, the students will start with their weekly Vocab/Spelling words. I will post these words on my Teacher's Page each week and will announce the day of the test at least one week in advance. Students will be responsible for spelling and definitions.


**Weekly homework, besides studying for the weekly spelling/vocab quiz will not begin until the fourth week of school. 


We will also begin reading the Mark Twain classic, The Prince and the Pauper, this month! True to all of Twain's writings, this book is, not only a wonderful, faniciful story, but the historical accuracies are astounding and it accurately depicts life in England in the 1500's under the reign of the infamous King Henry VIII!  This is a beautiful story about a prince and a pauper who accidentally end up trading places and the experiences and discoveries that take place living in each other other's shoes! 




WEEKLY SPELLING AND VOCAB: Quiz Friday,  Oct. 30th. 


Spelling/Vocab words for the Week of Oct. 27th. The quiz will be on Friday, Oct. 30th. Students will be responsible for both the spelling and definition for each word, as well as the corresponding part-of-speech. 

Spelling Vocabulary Lesson 10 

You will need to know the spelling, one definition for each word and the corresponding part-of-speech for your test on Friday. 


Anticipate - verb - 1. To look forward to; to expect. 2. To be aware of and to provide for beforehand. 


Bankrupt - 1. Adj. Unable to pay one’s debts and freed by law from doing so. 2. Verb - Left without any worth or value.


Brief - 1. Adj. - Short; not long-lasting, 2. Verb - To give a short explanation or set of instructions to. 3. Noun - A statement giving the main points in a case, for usein in a court of law.


Brisk - Adj. - 1. Quick; active, 2. Stimulating; refreshing. 


Budget - 1. Noun - A plan for spending money during a certain period. 2. Verb - To plan the use of carefully. 


Compete - verb - To try to win against others. 


Complicate - verb - To make difficult. 


Effect- 1. Verb - To make happen, 2. Noun - A result,


Err - verb - To be wrong or to do wrong. 


Factor - noun - Something that contributes to a result. 


Fad - noun - Something that is very popular for a short time, then forgotten. 


Gripe - 1. Verb - To complain, 2. To annoy or irritate, 3. Noun - A complaint. 


Knack - noun - A special talent or skill; ability to do something easily.


Leisure - noun - Free time not taken up with work. 


Unique - adj. - The only one of its kind.