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Before and After School Care

Hello FCA Families, 

I wanted to inform everyone about our new sign up system for BASE.  You will now be using the RevTrack system that is located on our main school website.  

Here is the link to take you right where you need to begin:

Once you are on the page you will want to click on Before & After.

Next you will scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Before & After Care (1)

You will then fill out the required information.  When picking your rate you will have 3 different options. AM, PM, and other.  The other is power hour. 

Once you have registered for the class you will not have a balance and will need to sign back in and go to my account and click on the parent portal tab. 

It will open your account back up and look like this:

. Registrations with Balance



Balance Due    

Card On File





21-22 AM/PM Care 9/21-12/21 B/A Care




                                                                          Click on this calendar above  ↑                                                                                      

A new window will open.  You can pick your days.   Once you click your days the calendar will automatically save your choices.  Please note the calendar listed 9/6 and 9/17 as available and base will be closed on those two days, so please do not register for them. 


You are now done registering and I will be billing soon and you will see your balance in your account.  You will not have an automatic balance until I bill because I bill by the month and not what is available to choose from.  


If for some reason you cannot make an account and it will not reset your password, please email me at [email protected] and I will email RevTrack immediately to get the problem resolved in a timely manner.  


Warmest Regards, 

Jennifer Ross