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Puma Pride PTA

Our Mission:

Puma Pride PTA encourages school families and the community to play an active role in creating a better place of education for our children. We work together with Firestone Charter Academy leadership to support our teachers and staff while helping to create opportunities for teachers, staff, students, and parents to receive community support and resources. We work to support a safe school environment in which character is modeled and promoted.


Our Vision:

Puma Pride PTA believes that everyone should have pride in being a part of Firestone Charter Academy. Each member of our school community, whether student, teacher, staff, or parent, is an integral part of the FCA community. Puma Pride PTA works to promote a sense of community for school families and encourage involvement for the betterment of our school while seeking to champion the school's role in the community of Firestone, Colorado. Puma Pride PTA aims to do this through our Pillars of Service: Volunteering, Hospitality, Fundraising, Community, and the Gala Event.

Golden Apple Awards:
The purpose of the Golden Apple Awards program is to recognize the Firestone Charter Academy staff (teachers, administration, support staff, and building staff) on a monthly basis for their hard work and dedication of their valuable time to make our school wonderful. Students, Parents, and staff nominate your favorite teacher monthly.  Teachers work hard every day to make sure learning is fun, creative, and meaningful.  This is your chance to recognize a teacher that has gone above and beyond. Nomination forms are in the front office or you can print this Golden Apple Nomination Form (PDF). You can also fill out a digital version of this form by clicking here.
Main Email: [email protected]
Family & Student Events Chairman: [email protected]
Fundraising Chairman: [email protected]
Hospitality Chairman: [email protected]
Volunteer Coordinator: [email protected]
Here are some of the faces behind the Puma Pride PTA name. Are you interested in joining the team? There is always room for another seat at our table! Contact us at [email protected]