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2021-2022 School Year -  Safe Return to School information 

As of 9/20/2021, we are requiring masks. We will continue to monitor numbers and will use the metric of positivity rate being below 5% in the community for 2 weeks to rescind our requirement of masks.  Please fill out this medical exemption form if there is a good reason that your child cannot wear a mask.

At Home Screening
Parents, students, and staff can help alleviate the potential of school quarantines through continued support of screening for COVID-19 symptoms before coming to school every day.  It is important that you keep your student(s) home if they are having any symptoms and work with our health clerk to determine when your student can come back.  We will use the linked “Return to Learn” flowchart to help us evaluate and make decisions regarding individuals who present with COVID-19 symptoms. 

Quarantine/Isolation Information
In the event of a positive or probable exposure to COVID-19, we will continue implementing contact tracing and target quarantines as needed, with the goal of quarantining the least number of students possible based on updated Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment (CDPHE) recommendations. Individuals who meet the following criteria will not need to quarantine in the case of an exposure:
1. Those who are fully vaccinated (two-weeks out from the last vaccine dose)
2. Test-confirmed infection in the past 90 days
3. Both parties wearing a mask at the time of exposure.
Please see further information here.

CDE, CDPHE, and the Federal government urge all eligible persons to be vaccinated for COVID 19.  We encourage but do not require vaccinations among students and staff.

For the 2021-2022 academic year, student contact days may include remote learning if quarantine becomes necessary as a result of public health and safety measures.  Remote learning offers some flexibility regarding when and where students complete coursework. Nevertheless, they are held fully accountable for meeting all state-mandated attendance requirements. Attendance is verified by teachers.  Calls will be made to those not checking in daily. In the event that the school asks a student to quarantine for a period of 3 days or more, teachers will provide access to learning materials online.  Students will keep up with online lessons until their return date.

We are continuing with our Core Knowledge and Classical focus, while still honoring the state standards in instruction.  If the school requires a student to quarantine, teacher-pupil instruction and contact time will occur through:

  • Instruction delivered electronically via Google classroom
  • Independent, remote work time for students that is directed and monitored by educators.
Remote Learning Platforms:
  • Google Classroom, Gmail  and GSuite for Education
  • Renaissance Star
  • RAZ Kids (K-8)
  • Khan Academy
Synchronous and Asynchronous learning opportunities in the event of quarantine could be:
  • Teachers in K-8 and Partners will update google classroom daily and respond to questions via google classroom and student email.
  • Teachers will provide guided notes as used in the classroom setting via Google Classroom.
  • Teachers will provide practice and give feedback on practice.
  • Teachers in K-8 and partners can stream and/or video lessons from their classrooms and these will be made available on google classroom.
  • Teachers will provide guided notes as used in the classroom setting via Google Classroom.


For the 2021-2022 school year we are participating in the USDA Seamless Summer lunch program which provides free lunch for all students, regardless of income status.

 General School Procedures:

  • Review attendance and encourage students and staff to stay home when sick
    • Attendance will be closely monitored to understand trends that may signal the beginning of an outbreak
    • In the case of illness, families still need to call the school to excuse their child’s absence
  • Our ability to host gatherings such as assemblies, community events, and visitors in the building will be taken on a case by case basis.  Information about these will be communicated by your teachers.
  • Visitors to the building will be limited and visits/volunteering must be set up in advance with teachers or school administration.

COVID Related Health & Safety Precautions:

General Health and Hygiene practices:

  • Teaching and encouraging hand washing, including instructional posters at each restroom hand washing station
  • Access to hand sanitizer in each classroom
  • Signage throughout building to encourage social distancing, handwashing, masks, covering coughs/sneezes. Key spots: doors/entrances, bathrooms, hallways
  • Students encouraged to bring a water bottle from home to refill at touchless bottle fillers. Shared drinking fountains are inoperable to prevent transmission of germs.


  • Seating plans that encourage physical distance between students - desks spaced apart and facing the same direction
  • Seating plans in the classroom to support quarantine protocols that minimize the impact on those potentially exposed
  • Seating plans to facilitate contact tracing should a student have symptoms/test positive for COVID 19

Facility Wide Cleaning Protocols:

  • Restroom facilities will be disinfected frequently
  • All rooms throughout the school will be disinfected nightly with additional cleaning protocols
  • Increased sanitation/cleaning of facilities
  • Updates to our HVAC system
    • Enhanced filtration with MERV 13 filters
    • Increased outside air - full air changeover daily
    • HVAC systems are in full compliance with ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers) guidelines


Our COVID protocols have been prepared in collaboration with and may change based on guidance from the State of Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment (CDPHE) and/or Weld County Department of Health.  Please check this page frequently for updates.  This information will be updated as needed, but no less frequently than every six months.  Additional information about levels of community spread and possible changes to protocols will be communicated in the weekly school newsletter. Decisions regarding updates/changes to these processes are based primarily on the number of COVID 19 cases/quarantines in our building and on levels of community transmission.