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Calendar Raffle - April 2021

April 1 - Ticket #1107 purchased by Joanne J.
April 2 - Ticket #1189 purchased by Sarah W.
April 3 - Ticket #1140 purchased by Cathy K.
April 4 - Ticket #2136 purchased by Kate H.
April 5 - Ticket #1114 purchased by Patti B.
April 6 - Ticket #1331 purchased by Nathan K.
April 7 - Ticket #2205 purchased by Janella T.
April 8 - Ticket #1282 purchased by Kelsey R.
April 9 - Ticket #1045 purchased by Katherine F.
April 10 - Ticket #1779 purchased by Sarah K.
April 11 - Ticket #1591 purchased by Lizeth Y.
April 12 - Ticket #1219 purchased by Ms. Hotchkiss
April 13 - Ticket #1450 purchased by Navita L.
April 14 - Ticket #1672 purchased by Marissa R.
April 15 - Ticket #2483 purchased by Nicole E.
April 16 - Ticket #1159 purchased by Jackie P.
April 17 - Ticket #2165 purchased by Stephanie A.
April 18 - Ticket #1673 purchased by Aubrey B.
April 19 - Ticket #1878 purchased by Tracy T.
April 20 - TBD
April 21 - TBD
April 22 - TBD
April 23 - TBD
April 24 - TBD
April 25 - TBD
April 26 - TBD
April 27 - TBD
April 28 - TBD
April 29 - TBD
April 30 - TBD

Puma Pride Volunteers at Firestone Charter Academy are proud to announce our inaugural Calendar Raffle. The calendar raffle will showcase a prize for each day during the month of April. Prize packages have been put together by donations from our local community businesses. Each day of the month has a great theme and guarantee for a fabulous prize.

A few examples include a weekend at the YMCA of the Rockies, a spa day, a Yeti Cooler, and $500 cash! Tickets are $25 and will enter you for a chance to win each day for the entire month. The ticket can only win once during the month. Multiple tickets may be purchased for more chances to win. There will be no prize substitutions. If the winning prize contains alcohol, and the winner is not 21 or over, a prize of equal amount will be substituted. Only 1500 tickets will be sold.  Calendar numbers will be randomly assigned from 1000 to 2499. A PDF version of the calendar will be sent to the buyer via email with the calendar ticket number stamped on it, no later than March 30th. Physical copies will not be available. Each day's winner will be drawn by FCA staff administration and announced on the school website and Facebook page each evening at 7PM.


The money earned from this fundraiser will pay for an upgrade to the school’s administrative communication technology; this will provide the ability to communicate with families more easily and efficiently. The school has been greatly impacted this year due to Covid-19, which has led to many unexpected costs and has significantly decreased our ability to fundraise. We are excited to showcase our Calendar Raffle and to sell as many tickets as possible for the opportunity for great prizes!

Due to the incredible support for the Calendar Raffle Fundraiser, it has been decided that a portion of the proceeds will be put towards NEW PLAYGROUND EQUIPMENT for the students. Some of the items on our wish list are regulation size soccer goals, disc golf targets, new balls (soccer, football, volleyball, foursquare, etc), a gaga pit, an early learner basketball hoop, and outdoor stencils for creating fun and engaging sensory, fitness, and socialization opportunities for students of all ages. Help us reach our goal of selling 1500 tickets and maybe we can get it ALL!

Keep the momentum going!
  • buy tickets
  • share the raffle on your social media pages and group pages
  • share with your family and friends
  • personally contact your family and friends and ask them to share our facebook posts
  • talk to your neighbors
  • talk to your coworkers
  • have your student(s) email family and friends to ask for support
Remember every penny raised in ticket sales goes directly back to FCA. Be sure to include your student's grade and teacher in your shares so your student is entered to win lots of great prizes too!!
If every student sells just 3 tickets we will reach our goal of selling 1500 tickets!
**Ticket Sales End at 7 PM on Wednesday, March 31st**
From all of us at Puma Pride and Firestone Charter Academy, THANK YOU to our generous sponsors who continue to support our students and our school! We could not have done this without you!
Interested in joining us at Puma Pride? Contact us at