Your Child's Art Code for Square1 Art ordering

This is a fundraiser for the school and these items make excellent gifts for families!  Please order by December 10th to ensure Christmas delivery, but the shop will remain open through December 18th.  (Once the kiddos go back to school they will have a FREE set of stickers waiting for them with their artwork on them!)  Please see the instructions below to access your child's artwork!
All students participated except pre-school, 7th & 8th grade, and (Ms. Mazur's class - due to quarantine). 
***If you are having trouble locating your students artwork you can contact customer service or the hard copies are available in the office.  If you would like to pick up your kiddo's packet please let Ms. Erika or Ms. Amanda know and you can pick it up from the school.  (It does include the code, ordering information, and stickers of the artwork).  Please reach out to if you have any additional questions. 
Do you know you can now search for your child's art code for our school's Square 1 Art fundraiser online
Simply click  on the Square 1 Art shopsite, and click on "Find Your Child's Art", and enter state, school name, and your child's name. Your child's art code will then appear. Once you enter your child's art code provided, you may then view your child's art, and order products! 
If you have questions, or need anything at all, please contact customer care at or 888.332.3294x1 or contact Customer Care Online.
Stay Safe & Healthy,
Jennifer Rhodes
Square 1 Art school coordinator
Firestone Charter Academy
Customer Care 888.332.3294x1