Inclement Weather Drop Off/Pick Up

Morning Drop Off
Students will go directly through the door they usually enter in the mornings with their teacher (listed below). Parents should still leave students at the sidewalks as they have been. Staff members will be out to help direct students in case they are confused.
Kinder, 1st - Front Doors
5th, & 6th - East Side Door near Art Room
2nd, 3rd, & 4th - Back Doors by Basketball Court
7th & 8th - West Side Doors leading to Middle School Hallway
Afternoon Pick Up
We will utilize the inclement weather pick up on page 10 of the student parent handbook. Please make sure you have made a plan in advance with your kiddo(s) so that they are not confused. If students are walkers they will still be dismissed as walkers unless you have communicated otherwise to them and directly to their teacher.
Please reach out to admin directly if you have any questions.